Google: Press Enter to Search

 It is rare I visit Google’s main page, using the universal bar in Chrome has really made it obselete, but for whatever reason I found myself on there today and noticed "Google Search" and "I’m Feeling Lucky" were gone, replaced with a simple instruction "Press Enter to Search"


Google - Press Enter to Search


I love it, but people are just too stupid for this.  I mean, ideally the home page would be the Google Logo and a search box and Google takes it form there.  Hell, don’t even bother with the enter key, as the user starts typing, just have the page transform into a SERP in real time.

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  1. I have an idea, make the search text [b]EVEN BIGGER[/b]…who comes up with this stuff, and how much do they get paid.

  2. I Think Minimalism, and disabling functionality are two different things.

    The removal of the button displaces the comfort in my browsing habits.

    i, being simple minded, tend only to use the keyboard to type in what i am searching for.
    at that point i then go to grab the mouse and click search, and then am left deserted to go bak to the keyboard again.

    I am a lazy American… I prefer also the availability of Choice!!
    Where is my button? 😉

    in an effort to create a minimalist page, one would think to remove of the advertisements programs, business solutions, and other item’s less commonly used.

    I think you are stepping past the average users comfort barriers in removing the search button.
    What’s a search page without the "Search Button"?

    i hope enough people complain about this in an effort to bring the button back.

    take it one step at a time. leave out the "I’m feeling lucky" button if you want to remove something….
    If they want a "Decision Maker", i am sure they will use!!

  3. That would be really cool it it updated real time as you were typing. this way if something popped up that was more relevant then the user can decide. Suppose this would hog resources though

  4. This one I haven’t seen but in saying that I’ve noticed some strange happenings on the Google homepage and within serps. Today on the home page Google sort of "tweens" or fades in the options. Most unusual.

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