Mac vs. PC: Windows 7

As much of a Microsoft guy that I am, I do enjoy Apple’s Mac vs PC commercials.  I got a kick out of the latest, even though the RC of Windows 7 I have been using the last few months has been nothing but outstanding.


What it looks like to me, Apple is trying one last push to drive up some sales before everyone finds out how awesome Windows 7 really is.  They really have nothing negative to say about it here.  Make fun of any previous release you want, won’t help here.  /fanboy

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  1. Trouble is it doesn’t have any of the problems I had with Vista. 7 is a lot smoother and easy to use on my machine. It uses less RAM and install was straight forward. I’m pretty happy with it.

  2. >>I got a kick out of the latest, even though the RC of Windows 7 I have been using the last few months has been nothing but outstanding.

    One reason, Windoss 7 is "outstanding" is because of these ads and the competition from Mac. All PC users (which I’m one) should thank Apple.

  3. well, i think we should give microsoft credit for doing a good working copy of kde 3.5 in record time (3 years).

    also, they made good work under the hood, people say it’s faster and more stable. probably getting close to *nix OSs

  4. Im loving Windows 7…. best OS i’ve used hands down. Its the perfect blend of what Mac tries to be and what Windowshas always had as its strong point. Putting the user in control.

  5. Anyone else notice that the Mac dude is less artsy in this commercial and is wearing a button-down shirt that’s just not tucked in? Heck, all he needs to be a "PC" is a tuck-in, tie and jacket.

    The reviews for Snow Leopard are ok, the reviews for Win 7 are excellent. Most of the direct comparisons to Mac have given every point to MS this time around.

    Apple needs to give up on the commercials that jumped the shark about a year ago and lower their prices because there is absolutely no reason for them to be so high except greed. I think it’s funny that they’re perceived as the less greedy corporation when they refuse to share a bit of the market with anyone.

    Apple needs to give up on the computer movement and stick with what they’re good at: iPods.

  6. Really because I’ve blue screened the RC on one machine, and the RTM on another (granted not all manufacturers have released trustworthy Windows 7 drivers yet). Overall though, it has been snappy. When I rolled my machine back to Windows 2008 Server at home, it was noticeably slower (even with all unused services and glamour turned off). Readyboost, and built in system imaging is pretty swell…as well.

  7. Yeah… the competion is only for sale numbers… ’cause in tech, the MacOS kick ass!

    Sorry guys.. but you all should recognize that… but… this time will be different, right ?


  8. I use a Mac pretty much exclusively now (for audio work,) but I truly hope that Windows 7 is (or becomes) a great OS. Competition is good for everyone, including Apple.

  9. Mac is the teenager who doesn’t want to take responsibility for their problems (talking snow leopard DELETING YOUR PROFILE when you login as guest). Windows is the adult who is willing to take responsibility for their problems. These commercials are another good example of this. They have these funny little commercials poking fun at Windows, and yes they ARE indeed clever, but when Microsoft comes back with their ‘we gave these people X amount of dollars and they bought a windows machine’ apple throws a hissy fit. Grow up Mac.

  10. The reason they price their products so high (from what I was told in my Apple Certification Course) is because you don’t have to deal with the problems that PC users have to deal with. This is of course known as the Apple Tax. And to be honest, yeah, it’s true, I’m a college student with a 2008 MacBook Pro, and all the other students who have had PCs that I know, are either on their second PC, or have come to me to help them fix it. Or have already switched.
    However, I do agree that they should lower their prices. Not a lot, but just enough to step on the toes of the competition.
    The only reason comparisons between Windows 7 and Snow Leopard are favoring Windows 7 is because Windows 7 has thrown in some lines of code on top of Vista to make it function slightly better, and automatically do tasks which for some reason people aren’t capable of. Snow Leopard was an "under the hood" update, and surpasses Windows 7.
    If Microsoft were smart, they would go back to Windows XP, I love XP, works great, all games work on it, and all of the updates fixed most of the problems on it.
    From a technician’s standpoint, Apple is best for the consumer, which may seem redundant because you have to pay so much more. But all the money that you would be paying for repairs on your PC, or antivirus, or whatever it may be, you won’t be paying for on your Mac.
    Microsoft should stick with what they’re good at. XBOX 360, and leave it be. Even the 360 needs improvement, with over 30 percent failure rate.
    Microsoft has issues in their OS to work out, but they choose to advertise that they have already. Apple has everything basically perfected. That’s why they don’t need to inform you anything major about their product in their advertisements.

  11. It’s really sad to see things come to this.

    MAC users think their machines are so invunerable to viruses and problems.
    They just don’t seem to realize that no one is bothering to write viruses that will only affect about 4% of computers in the world.
    So they write pc viruses.
    If someone were to announce a million dollars to anyone that could crash every mac in the world tomorrow, every mac owner would suddenly find themselves in deep. Because the mac doesn’t even allow the user enough access to attempt to fix the problem themselves.

    All the MAC OS’s really have been is limited permission windows.

    They are safe because they assume you are too stupid to do anything for yourself.

    No computer is perfect. No OS is safe, even linux as secure as it is has it’s problems.

    My real problem with MAC is not that they are trying to sell a product, they are trying to sell a social movement…

    Maybe one of these days when I decide I no longer want to game, customize my shell, or just plain tinker with my computer when I’m bored. I will switch to mac.

    At this moment I really think it’s only suited for grandmothers that do nothing but email and basic web browsing though.
    You can argue it all day long but MAC wants a monopoly, and if they ever were to actually somehow win this battle for control of the pc market. It would be a very bad thing, The technology would stagnate overnight, and the prices would skyrocket at the same time.
    So defend your precious MAC’s defend the choice you made to blow that wad of cash. At the end of the day you are just supporting the corporate equivalent of the antichrist.

  12. You can’t compare Snow Leopard and Windows 7 really… Snow Leopard was a technology shift under the hood and was cited as being 0 new features. For people that understand computers (not just know how to use IE) there is some impressive stuff going on there. Also, the price for SL versus 7 is a leeeeetle bit different.

    I’ve not seen Windows 7, but I hear it’s better than Vista… that being said I have heard Windows Vista was terrible – all the people I know that have moved to 7 have either gotten it for free (due to what we do) or have home computers that only came with Vista and they are sick of it and will do anything to hope for better.

    "and while everyone considered it his greatest performance, it was also considered terrible"
    -kids in the hall

  13. Won’t get windows until they figure out how to keep Virus’s, Hackers, and all the other bull you have to deal with out of the O/S.

  14. What you know you will always feel more comfortable with.

    Use what works for you. All operating systems can co-exist.

    Some of the commentators here might want to question where their "crush the competition" ethos came from and why they are compelled to spout it so readily. A monoculture adds nothing to the world. We need diversity to survive and to prosper. Diversity promotes different ways of thinking. Different ways to solve problems.

    If one person is productive with one operating system and you with another, what business is it of yours to denigrate his choice?

  15. I started using Macs since 1985 but because of my work back then I had to work with both machines. My preference is Mac for obvious reasons but here’s my question. Why after all these years that Microsoft has been in business mainly as an operating system have they not been able to build a stable operating system that actually works. You would think with all the money they’ve made that they would have been able to create something that works. Yeah sure, Apple has had their share of problems but I have always been able to figure out or fix my Macs on my own, something I couldn’t do with a PC. Even to this day, I have an HP a1710n where all I needed to do was wipe out the hard drive and reinstall Window’s Vista using a recovery disc that HP sent me to do this. I have spent 4 days trying to accomplish this and it still isn’t working and even tech support has not been able to tell me why I can’t have a working machine. Seriously? I have 4 Macs that work and I know if for some reason I want to restore or upgrade the operating system I can do it with confidence and know everything is going to work. I’m not going to say that Macs are perfect and never go bad but personally since I’ve been using Macs I have only had 2 hard drives crash on me and that was in the earlier days. Why can’t Microsoft figure out a way to make using a PC at least as easy as Macs?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but I’ve been frustrated with PC’s for a long time and was looking for a place to vent some of my frustrations.


  16. O cmn Mac users .. Leopard is not fine tuned os .. ppl loosing all data when you lig in as guest ?!?!?! LOOOLL Fine tuned indeed.. its unthinkable in any serious software development its like having self destruct key on keybord..

  17. Maybe next comercial from Apple should include "New OS and now totally awsome tuned, no more loosing data, unless you press delete!"

  18. "Even to this day, I have an HP a1710n where all I needed to do was wipe out the hard drive and reinstall Window’s Vista using a recovery disc that HP sent me to do this. I have spent 4 days trying to accomplish this and it still isn’t working and even tech support has not been able to tell me why I can’t have a working machine."

    sir it has become clear to me that you are full of fail and incapable of running a robust OS… i can’t believe you were actually getting paid to work with computers… it is not that windows is not creating a fully functioning OS, it is that there is an amazing amount of applications to choose from, be them open source shares source, closed source or whatever, and sometimes those programs have issues… i guarantee if you just used your windows machine and didnt install anything it would work fine 99% of the time… with a mac you dont have as much choices because apple wants it that way… continue to pay a premium for less… its all good, but dont complain because you cant figure out how to reformat your HP…

  19. @ "please" – You assume that Mac users are dumb, stating that we don’t realize that "no one is bothering to write viruses that will only affect about 4% of computers in the world." You also state that "At this moment I really think it’s only suited for grandmothers that do nothing but email and basic web browsing though." And finally you state "My real problem with MAC is not that they are trying to sell a product, they are trying to sell a social movement… "

    A rebuttal to those arrogant statements:

    1. You really believe that all Mac users are unaware that our system is safer because it holds less of the market share? Duh! That’s old news. We Mac users don’t really care WHY we don’t get viruses. We’re too busy getting our work done and creating things, like music and art.

    2. To say that Mac is only suited to grandmothers who browse the web and email is ridiculous, clearly showing that YOU have never actually used one, and form your opinion based on other people’s opinions. That makes you look pretty fucking dumb. Basic research will show you what a Mac is suited to do.

    3. Why is it a problem if Apple is selling a social movement? So what? If you’re not going to use a Mac, it doesn’t affect you then, does it? There are millions of people who own Macs that love having a computer that enables them to accomplish things with minimal fuss, myself included. I fail to see the problem with this.

    By the way, I’m not a stereotypical Apple fan boy. I don’t hate Windows. I hate ignoramus’s that pretend to know more than they do and then spew out false or biased information. If you’re not going to use Macs, good for you. But don’t show up in a comment thread somewhere to pretend like you know what you’re talking about in hopes of making Mac users feel dumb when in fact, YOU are the dummy.

  20. It’s all a global zeitgeist. Everything is run by one big company and TV commercials are only to make the consumer believe that there is a choice. There really is no choice, and we are already trapped in the Matrix.

  21. notice how mad the mac users are getting?? what does that tell you. are you all insecure now. its ok you can get windows 7 on your pretty little mac book!!

  22. @ gigadybeat wrote "notice how mad the mac users are getting?? what does that tell you. are you all insecure now. its ok you can get windows 7 on your pretty little mac book!!"

    It shows me your Windows 7 installation was incomplete. You didn’t check the pop up window that stated "Use capital letters in a sentence?". To resolve this issue try installing Snow Leopard on your PC as a work-around. Oh, wait. You can’t. Fail.

  23. "It shows me your Windows 7 installation was incomplete. You didn’t check the pop up window that stated "Use capital letters in a sentence?". To resolve this issue try installing Snow Leopard on your PC as a work-around. Oh, wait. You can’t. Fail."

    You can get Os x on a pc, and it will work better than on a mac because you will actually have good specs

  24. I have 1 box running Solaris on a SPARC, One box running ubunutu, 2 laptops running vista, 1 laptop running Windows 7, one laptop running ubuntu(netbook remix), one mac running 10.4, and one mac running 10.5… Each one has their own strengths and weaknesses… I use all the systems pretty regularly, with the exception of the 10.4 box. The only problem I have with mac is the lack of affordable customization, can build a windows/nix box for about 50% less and pretty much the same performance from them.

    Of course it’s easy to complain about BSODs, when most BSODs are caused by peripherals and third party drivers, not windows. If microsoft controlled the driver licensing as much as apple does(they tried do with driver signing and people get pissy and claim it’s just another way for MS to make money) then the BSODs could be cut down to the regularity of the dead apple face(Apples version of the BSOD that is almost never admitted to exist by fan boys.

    I think at the next Black Hat I’ll offer a cash reward for someone to find away to crash every Mac OSX system… Just to prove that there is no perfect OS, and the argument over just such a holy grail is meaningless. It all comes down to how you use your system and what you want to do with it for which is best.

    Although in the Mobile market… Android is the best…. Sorry just had to vent my own little bit of fan boyism…

  25. "You can get Os x on a pc, and it will work better than on a mac because you will actually have good specs"

    No you can’t.
    "Yes I can".
    No you can’t.
    "My dad’s bigger than yours".
    Ad infinitum…

    You like your PC? Fine. Buy PC. Worked on both for 10 years each and I prefer a Mac. Guess what I will do?

    "actually have good specs" Hmm. Methinks you should’ve gone to specsavers.

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  27. Funny, I’m not a techy person, but I wrote about this in my blog. After buying my Macbook and IPod Touch, I can’t figure how anyone would ever want a PC. It’s like Flintstones VS. Jetsons.

  28. I personally have embraced the new technologies and the CMS platforms, I think the new tools only make the web designs better. I am glad that new technologies are coming out in web design that make things easier, improved, and better looking for design.

  29. I completely agree with the above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing into the most important medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like this that ideas are spreading so quickly.

  30. Really? I for one cannot believe that some Mac users still think that they are on a closed hardware system (here’s looking at you Tex…). It’s actually quite easy, and efficient to install any *nix based system on any windows box XP and later (that includes Mac…). I haven’t done it for a while now, but there are many a "cracked" version out there of Mac that we Windows and Linux boxes can easily install on our system, you know why?

    It’s quite simple, because all the hardware is the same; and yet, one can go onto NewEgg and find PC based ram for 30 – 50 dollars easy (good ram mind you) and find the same ram for a Mac at 150 – 200 dollars baseline, and there is nothing inherently different between the two. This is what is wrong with Apple, they corner the market, tell it what they want it to sell for (even if it is grossly overpriced – just buy the "PC" ram, it works in a mac, save some money), and then tell the average user that it’s what’s best for them.

    You all can keep your Mac’s, if I want it I’ll gladly get it for free from a reputable crack site (yes there are ones) instead of paying 3x as much for every dammed component.

  31. There are certainly a lot of details like that to take into consideration. That is a great point to bring up. I offer the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly there are questions like the one you bring up where the most important thing will b

  32. I don’t get whats so special about a Mac mainly because none of their commercials say anything about it. All the commercial tells me is that windows gets the same problems as any other computer. What i hate the most about these commercials is that they try to act like they are the prefect system and never have any problems. The only reason Macs get less viruses is because most people have windows and it would be pointless to make a code for a Mac when your more likely to find people with windows. Also i hate how people act like vista was the worst thing ever. It only had that "are u sure u want to do this" problem at the beginning and was fixed quickly. I have a vista and its not that different from xp. In fact I think its easier to do certain things on vista than xp. If people wouldn’t of tried to crack xps os code then vista wouldn’t of been rushed and probably turned out as good as windows 7. Many people use windows 7 already and everyone that i no who has it says it the better than any other os they tried. the only reason i’m not getting it yet is because its a beta and i don’t want to have a beta as my os i’d rather just wait for them to find the bugs and fix it so its prefect. I think the beta thing was a great idea so they can get reports about the product before releasing it to the public and avoiding the same mishap they had with vista. also from what i’ve heard about macs and gamers is that there is barely anything to play. People who believe that what type of OS system u have is the reason y u get a virus probably don’t no much about computers. if your getting viruses then you should stop opening random file off the internet. and never believe a site that pops up saying u have a virus because thats the virus thats trying to get u to buy anti virus software crap. even though u can easily remove it, it still is annoying to get. Hint: the virus shows your computer like its a xp so if u don’t have xp its a dead give away that its a virus.

  33. I must admit that this is one great insight. It surely gives a company the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and really take part in creating something special and tailored to their needs.

  34. Mac in theory is no more stable than windows. I say in theory because there is no hard proof. There’s no proof simply because not enough people use Macs.

    We’ll be generous and give macs 10% of the market. That’s a very small number of people. More people used the beta and RC for windows 7 than use mac on a daily basis. I’m sure if all of windows exclusive people were to switch to a mac all kinds of different stability issues would be found. I could be wrong, Mac may really be a perfect OS but I doubt it. It has things that it’s better at than windows, primarily when it comes to any kind of multimedia editing, but I dare you to set up a Mac as a DHCP server. Good luck.

    All I’m saying is that no matter what the most popular OS is, the lesser one will always seem better, just because there isn’t as many people to find the problems.

  35. If you are a "good" person who will never use any pirated stuff, hey.. go for a Mac. It attracts girls. Plus, it’s cute…You’ll be cute. Hahahaha

    If you are going to use homebrews, mod your xbox360, hack your sat, use pirated stuff…get a PC, because no one in this community will help you out with that if you have a Mac.

  36. PC ftw.

    Brb just going to scroll through tabs and shit using my customised Sidewinder X8 mouse.

    Okay I’m back.

    Currently I run Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, and I use Macs at college.

    I have way more problems with the Macs than with my laptop, but that’s obviously partly down to the fact that my laptop isn’t a college machine, and all college computers seem to epically fail all the time.

    Personally I think the whole Mac/PC thing comes down to OS preference, or design/brand favouritism.

    I prefer Windows because I like the variety of programs/games, the huge variety of peripherals (my mouse for one), the user interface suits me just fine, and I’ve never had a virus because I installed microsoft security essentials (it’s free).

    I understand that some people like Macs though, which is fine, I don’t see a problem with that. If you are used to the OS and like the OS, go for it, no problem.

    What I do have a problem with, is people assuming that Macs work better than PCs, and assuming that for creativity Macs are far superior.

    It was once the case that the best creative software was exclusive to Macs, but now almost all creative software runs on PCs also (and the software runs the same…not inferior or superior, just the same). If it doesn’t, there is pretty much always an alternative that does the exact same shit.

    For example, fair enough, Final Cut Pro is Mac exclusive. If you like that program, you should have a Mac :). However, Adobe Premiere is pretty similar, and runs on both Macs and PCs. So if you are looking to buy a computer for video editing, maybe you’d want to spend your money on a PC and Adobe Premiere, and get a higher specification machine for your money? Maybe with a sexy i7 chip or two ;D.

    As far as design goes, it goes without saying. If you are so conscious about the design of your laptop that you are willing to spend hundreds more for it, go ahead. You are clearly a spoon, but buy and enjoy.

    Finally, as far as what people say about PC users getting involved in debates, it is only natural that this is going to happen, due to the fact Apple’s entire marketing strategy is based around slating things about PCs which aren’t even true.


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  41. well 1st: as you can see, windows promises better operating system all the time, but the fact is XP is the only runnable they’ve ever made, vista was a HUGE failure and they promised, well make it up to the world whit windows 7, but when it comes the critics says: "Windows 7 is like pissing your pants" and everyone agreed that it sucked (witch it still does, and forever will). mac, have always delivered and pushed the limits, take the latest, thinest and lightest PC laptop, compare it whit a 6 years old mac laptop, and see the differents, even more than 5 years ago could apple make laptops inches thinner that what windows can do today, look at macbook air for instance, boy is that thin. and then wee have the imac, instead of having a screen and huge box as the computer like windows, we have one, big, smooth screen on wich the latest ones acutally comes up to 27 inches and 2 terabytes memory something no other computer has evemn come close up to and windows will not deliver for over 50 years if we’re lucky, (likely a thousand or NEVER) so don’t you ever come saying windows is better, TRUST ME

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