Dropbox is Still Awesome

Ever since I got in the beta of Dropbox I have been in love with it.  Keeping my files in sync everywhere just makes my life so much easier.  I used to use USB click-sticks but I have had them fail on me.  It probally is not the best idea to rely on it as my backup system, but hey it is better than my old plan (pretty much non-existent).  Anyway, already in my top 5 program list I continue to be more impressed about it.  Clearing bandwidth on my new computer to download something, I set dropbox to sync at 1kb/s max.  It now reads:


Uploading 29 files (1.0 KB/sec, 2 days left)
Downloading 1680 files (1.0 KB/sec, a long time left. Grab a snickers)



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