Caller ID Spoofing Application

Moe calling CarmenAt work today I was introduced to SpoofApp.  Caller ID spoofing is not a new concept but this app makes it ridiculously convenient.


A coworker downloaded the app and decided to have some fun with some people in the office.  He has the three numbers of the people at the desks on the other side of the divider.  He started by setting the spoofed number to Person A’s cell phone number and called Person B.  Person B immediately responds to Person A saying why are you calling me I am sitting right next to you.  This went on for a few minutes, they did not figure it out.  In fact, Person A’s phone has had some issues they blame it on the slider phone acting up.  An hour passes, coworker decides to reverse the tables.  Person B is now calling Person A.  We have to walk away because its so damn funny.  Again, somehow they blame it on Person A’s broken slider phone. Person C decides that something funny is going on, so she calls Person A just to add to the absurdity.  Coworker then decides to inject Person C into the spoof madness.  Person A, B and C decided that because Person C decided to call Person A just for fun, that somehow it caused Person A’s cell phone to act even more strangely.  So they all believe that it is a result of a malfunctional slider phone.  Hilarity.


Now I am all for absurd hilarity, but this presents a lot more issues than a confused group of three coworkers.  Imagine if I choose to represent Chase or some company here.  If people get caught up in Nigerian prince scams, imagine how many more could get caught up in something like this.  I, for one, Google phone numbers before I answer.  If it is my credit card company or bank, I will usually not answer and call them back just to be safe anyway.  You do not have to be that stupid to fall into this kind of trap.  If you are at home and your caller ID reads Chase Bank, that will relax a lot of peoples defense.  I am sure it happens all of the time already, but it is an issue that really has a low awareness.

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