DISH Network Rain Outage. Satellite Rain Fade, but It’s Only Misting

So it rained in Chicago last night.  Just a light pissing really, from a barely overcast sky.  If you went outside you wouldn’t get wet, you would get damp.  Normally, I would have enjoyed the smooth mist, except I forgot that DISH Network sucks.

A few pesky stratus clouds decide to spritz on the western suburbs, therefore I could not watch T.V.  The technical name for this shitty phenomenon is called “rain fade,” but I’m too mad to address this scientifically.

Let me be clear: Never get satellite television.  This is not an isolated case.  This is a two year sample size, the worst two years of my T.V. watching life.  The second I can axe my contract without penalty, I am switching to ANYTHING that is not DISH Network.  It doesn’t work in the rain.  It wasn’t even hard rain; the air was just slightly wet.  Come on!

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