Google Local Business Center Adds Analytics and Reporting

Google’s Local Business Center has been a great tool for many SEO companies and businesses hoping to increase their search rankings, but
did you know Google just added reporting and analytics that show how many views your profile
has seen and what people did once they found you?  I’m not going to talk about
how you should create, manage or SEO these listings today but instead break
down the key features of this report and what each areas mean in respect to the
Google local Center.  Google just made my
life a whole lot easier and gave me reliable stats on how effective claiming
and developing a “LBC” profile really is.

So here are a few of
the business I’ve claimed and verified in Google’s Local Business Center, well
take a look at the center business shown below:

Four Areas of the Local Business Center in “View Report”


Here we have two graphs showing
trends for both Impressions in Blue and Actions in Green, showing you how many
of each happened on specific dates. This listing was claimed on March 12th
2009 and stats are from this date till June 3rd 2009.

Obviously this adds together all Impressions and Actions your listing
has received, and with the latter how many of each type of Action was taken.

  1. 224 clicks
    for more info on Maps, this means a searcher clicks the profile when it
    shows in a search.
  2. 35 Clicks for
    driving directions, these are people who wanted to know exactly how to get
    to this Tavern (Hopefully believers in DD’s or the good ol’ public transit
    system) how can you deny the benefit of being listed when people are
    clicking on and print directions to you door step.
  3. 232 Clicks to
    your website, kind of self explanatory if you still need help it means
    they clicked in the listed website for 1902 Tavern for even more


Displays the top ten key words or
key phrases that your business profile
is getting viewed by searchers, this allows you to see what words your profile
ranks for best and maybe you’ll want to boost some low performers.


Shows City and Zip codes of were people are clicking for driving
directions, this member got 35 actions were the searcher entered a request for
driving directions.

All in all this is a gift to any local search professional.


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