Bing Commercial? MMA star Rashad Evans vs. You

Could this clip of UFC fighter Rashad Evans ripping “your” arm off be a new Bing commercial?

Bing is Microsoft’s new search engine, which they hope will prove to be a rival to Google’s domination. This would not be the first time Rashad Evans has campaigned for Microsoft.

In 2008, Evans appeared in Microsoft’s “I’m a PC!” commercial. In fact, a profile of Evans was even uploaded on the WindowsVideos youtube account — Seen Here

Also, after KOing Chuck Liddell at UFC 88, Rashad can be seen sporting a t-shirt with Bill Gates’ mugshot gracing the front.

I’m a big fan of both Rashad Evans and Microsoft, but is Bing really capable of dethroning Google? I’m more than a little doubtful. Google has no reason to feel threatened and I doubt they will respond to this campaign. Though, I would love to see them reply all the same.

Lyoto Machida would make quite the Google spokesman… don’t you think?

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