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Google pushed an update to Analytics recently and changed the graphing feature just a little bit.  It really drives me crazy, actually, for such a stupid thing.  Before in Analytics, if you chose to display a subset of a month, this week for instance, it should show you the graph of the entire month and highlight the week you have selected.  This way you can still get a grasp of trends this week versus previous weeks, and it just looks nice.


Google Analytics Before
See, at a glance you can see “oh, neat we had a little peak this week”, or “oh it looks like traffic sucks on the weekends, peaks on Wednesday and cycles that way”, but this Wednesday was better than most.
For whatever reason, it no longer works this way.  It just shows the range you have selected and spreads it out across the graph.  For instance, if you select just one day it shows just one dot.  A single dot on a line graph is not really a graph anymore.  It is absurdly useless.
Analytics today


It may just be that I am not used to the change, but I hate it so far.
Analytics Today
Just thumbs down, really.

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  1. This complaint is retarded – the method before made no sense and was using a completely arbitrary timeframe. Now it shows the period you select, as it always should have done. Waht exactly made you think the previous behavior was logical? If you want to view a different timeframe, then select a different timeframe!

  2. This actually moves it back to the way it used to work when it was Urchin/Google Analytics before it was quite so flashed up.

    You end up being able to expand smaller date ranges and focus on them easier, great for some things. Too bad it can’t go both ways.

  3. I read that you found out where to download typing tutor. Would you mind sharing that link? I’ve been looking for it for awhile and had nearly given up hope.

  4. I want options! Don’t give me one or the other, give me the choice to display it in the way that works for me.

  5. Couldn’t agree more! I don’t know what the folks at google were smoking when they came up with that one! Awesome upgrade turning the graph into a single dot instead of showing the previous days history as well! Are they taking the piss or what?!

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