The Most Socially Relevant Comedian of All Time: A Bill Hicks Compilation

I came across some Bill Hicks videos on YouTube and was struck by how relevant his comedy is today.Though he has been dead for almost twenty years, he addressed many issues that society is grappling with now. Many will say George Carlin holds the title of “Most Socially Relevant”, but considering that George had a much longer time on earth to grace us with his presence, I feel Bill’s impact was cut short way too early and not fully realized. Instead of opining on the brilliance of his comedic talent and how it relates to our lives today (though I encourage you to do so in the comments, if you so wish), I’ll simply let it speak for itself. Enjoy 🙂

Drugs and Evolution


Teenage music acts and music in general.(Rick Astley mention in the second vid 🙂


Conspiracy Theories


Below is a full version of “Revelations”, many consider it his best work.

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