Top 10 Fun and Weird Belt Buckle Ideas

Belt buckles have been a dieing fashion statement for a long time now, unless of course you’re name is BIlly Bob and you live where snow is considered a state emergency.  Here are some clever and unusual belt buckle ideas for you to enjoy!

1.  Bubble Gum Belt Buckle

This is the number one choice for obvious reasons.




2.  Shotgun Shell Belt Buckle

Good concept, the shells are too low of a gauge for me.




3.  Beer Belt

The Beer Belt isn’t so much a Belt Buckle….  but could come in handy.




4.  Atari Belt Buckle

Could get you in trouble in an elevator or mosh pit.




5.  The Number Belt?

Not sure if this is centimeters or what, but kinda cool nonetheless.




6.  The Cigarette Case Belt Buckle

Probably the most useful Belt Buckle of all time.  Waterproof casing and you are good to go.

7.  The Computer Board Belt Buckle
Theres got to be at least a few country nerds out there.
8.  Geek Belt Buckle
Theres got to be at least a few country geeks out there.
9.  The Weed Leaf Belt Buckle
Of course, you were waitig for it and here it is, the weed belt buckle.  Good luck wearing this one.
10.  The Key Belt Buckle
This is a simple but halfway cool idea.

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