New Ipod Shuffle Released: Smaller Than a AA Battery and Talks To You!

Apple quietly released the third generation Ipod Shuffle today.  Apple continues to shrink the size of their Ipods with this version of the Shuffle being smaller than a AA battery.  The new design is much more slender with a sharp aluminum casing with a stainless steel clip.  There are no other buttons on the Shuffle unit itself other than the “shuffle” button.  Apple claims it will be easier to use with controls on the earphone cord.  The only drawback to this design is that you are required to use Apple headphones until third party versions of the headphones with controls are available in stores.

The Shuffle will also be able to hold up to 1,000 songs (4 GB) but the price will be remaining the same at $79.  The old 1 GB Shuffle is still available for $50, so this generation is very affordable.

One of the unique features added to this generation of the Shuffle is the “VoiceOver” function.  You simply press and hold the center button on the remote and the “VoiceOver” function will tell you the song name, the artist and it will also read your playlists for you.  It is availble in 14 different languages.



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  1. This is really cool.. It is very handy. You can easily bring it anywhere you want. It is easy to use, very comfortable to carry and with those 1000 songs, you can never be bored plus it has a voice over function, which can formulate 14 different languages. With this Ipod shuffle, you’ll never go wrong.. 🙂

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