Life Camera From Your POV

We had something come up the other day, a point that we were arguing about how long ago something had happened.  Cords had the foresight to go back in to our Google Talk logs where we were instantly able to find when we had first discussed the issue at hand.  Life needs a feature like this.  Last week I was talking about how you would beable to implement this via a life camera.  If you were constantly recording everything that you were doing, you would beable to go back and search the archives.  We would also have to implement an auto-tag feature based on what you are talking about at the time, who are are width and location geo data or something.  There you go, instant life search is now available.  Imagine – Ctrl-F – “Remote Control”

Today, the first step was realized: Eye-socket camera that films from inside the head.


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  1. "Click" woulda been so much better if Adam Sandler just undressed his wife in appropriate situations for 2 hours.

  2. This sound crazy for me. Like a 24/7 camera looking at what you do. Even your crapping or something like that. Gross. Even you can archive this and for those reason, that isn’t a good idea.

  3. what if you have an epic idea while crapping, but you forget what it is the next day? youd remember you had the idea while crapping, so just go back into the archive!

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