Love Lockdown

The only thing I ever knew about Kayne West until last week was that he was the guy that made Mike Meyers extremely uncomfortable when he made that statement about George Bush not liking black people.  I am ashamed to admit that I like this song of his, this Love Lockdown song. It is very solid.  I was having a conversation with Cords the other day and we decided that it is the perfect song.  If there were an algorithm that generated songs, this would be what it generated.  It follows the template for perfection.

  • Baseline repetition (x4)
  • Then his voice
  • Then his voice raises (slightly building)
  • Adds piano
  • Chorus (baseline + piano + drums)
  • Each time he does the chorus again it builds with another sound component

The lyrics rhyme and are even the same length and he throws in some voice modulation.  The song just wins.


You lose. You looose.

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